display of work as a TEDx Graphic Designer

Connectivity | July 2019

As a graphic designer with TEDxFSCJ, I had to develop several proposals for our Spring 2020 TEDx conference. For this piece, I chose the concept of interconnectivity and the kinetic energy between technology, art, society and innovation. I took design inspiration from kinechromatic artist Abraham Palatnik to help flesh out the aesthetic.

Connectivity was one of the finalists for the art direction for the spring conference. Unfortunately, this particular concept, though well-received, was rejected.

wonder | august 2019

For TEDxFSCJ's 2020 Spring Conference, the concept of Wonder was chosen. The conference wanted to convey not just a sense of wonder but how wonder connects us all. Utilizing photos of the horizon I took during a flight to Seattle, I decided on a global approach. If wonder connects us all what better symbolism than a photo of the horizon several thousand feet above the earth? The image symbolized humanity's connective curiosity and it's look toward the future.

The Pursuit for Healthiness | September 2019

In addition to conferences, TEDx also has small panel speaking engagements known as adventures. This TEDx adventure focused on the discussion centered of the inequality of healthcare. The Pursuit for Healthiness was a suggested title and an unused design. Four design concepts were made for this topic.

For this concept, I used a minimalistic layout and a common color palette associated with the healthcare industry.The main imagery was inspired by the initial blurriness of looking into a microscope, symbolizing the focus in the subject of conversation.

Access to Care | October 2019

This poster design and the title was the approved concept for the TEDx Adventure on inequality in healthcare. This took a more literal approach taking inspiration from M.C. Escher's "Labyrinth". The design was meant to visualize the difficulties and hurdles facing healthcare access.

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