Graphic Design

a gallery of various design works

Highway A1A Northeast Florida | 2018
Travel Campaign with Branding Guide

The concept for Highway A1A was to rebrand the beach communities along Northeast A1A from Amelia Island to St. Augustine. Marketed to locals in the Florida/Georgia region, the advertising would bill Northeast Florida as a relaxing weekend escape from the higher tourist traps of Orlando and Miami. The branding would center the area as a lifestyle and a place of local pride through clothing merchandise. A1A would include a travel magazine and billboard ad campaign. The branding would also include a slight design change to the area's highway signs to denote specific Northeast sections of Highway A1A.

Forge 3D Print Studio | 2016
Proposed Logo Redesign

Forge 3D Print Studio is a small local 3D printmaking shop in Jacksonville, Florida. The company's original logo used an image of an anvil drawn as a blueprint. The fine lines of the logo blurred at smaller sizes. I proposed a logo that utilized the same anvil trademark but incorporated it into the company name and redesigned the trademark to also be used as a singular symbol. The proposal was not responded to, but it did include mockups of the company's proposed new business cards, social media and other product materials.

Black Moon | 2020
nightime skin renewal
includes mockups

This was an independent project I created. I wanted to develop a skincare brand marketed to individuals who want to take of their skin but want a regimen that is quick and easy. I chose the name "black moon" because it often a term meant to symbolize renewal.

Get Ready | 2019
Hurricane Season Retailer's Consumer Signage
includes mockups

Having worked retail for several years, I have seen people scrambling to get last-minute supplies before an impending hurricane. I designed a supply guide that could easily be used as seasonal signage for Florida retailers during the long hurricane season. This way consumers are reminded to get supplies during a shopping trip and it can be a tool to boost merchandise sales. The guide includes shelf tags to indicate merchandise as a potential supply. Icons indicate a supply's use from food, emergency or cautionary items. Aisle blades include hurricane tips and an icon guide. The brochure would be used for wider distribution.

Lucidity | 2017
Vinyl Album Art concept

Lucidity was born out of a dream I had and tried to visualize as a piece of art. The artwork felt appropriate for an album cover of electronic music.

NASPA REGION 3 National Conference | 2018
Postcard Front & Back

NASPA, a national organization for Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, has an annual conference each year. While working for Florida State College at Jacksonville, Dr. Holland, Vice-President of Student Affairs and the 2018 host of the NASPA conference requested for me to design the postcards. I had to incorporate the conference's theme "Let Your Career Take Flight". The postcard design was approved and distributed nationally.

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