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The Paradox Series | 2019
Paradox | Cambio | Gestation

The Paradox series takes a surreal dive into the creation of an idea and exploring the paradox of creativity. Using the Chicken and the Egg paradox, these series of pictures visually toy with creation, birth, rebirth and gestation.

Painted Skin Series | 2016
Mixed Media | Model: Christopher Campbell
Passion | Tranquility | Embrace

Painted skin is about exploring the personal emotions I feel when creating art.

Flight | 2015
photography | Model: Annabel Shettel

This piece was simply inspired by the common dream of flying in the air.

Moon light | 2018
Mixed Media

A little visual pun on moonlight.

Walk along the Beach | 2016

This work is a simple experiment playing with scale.

Namaste | 2018
Photography | Model: Josh Council

This was a commissioned piece that was intended to be used by Mr. Council for a potential music album.

First Sight | 2015
photography | Model: Annabel Shettel

This creation came from a happy accident during a photoshoot outdoors.The eyes were illuminated by an accidental flash. I later emphasized the eyes by using a selective color technique around her skin.

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